The Breakfast of Champions


are we all forgetting the scene where Simon says “what’s the dirtiest thing there is?” and Jack just farts

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i saw a post and i was inspired


"has your character murdered or helped murder anyone?"


-flips down everyone but simon-

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i need to follow more LOTF people oh my god????? so if you like Lord of the Flies reblog this and i will follow u ok

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my blog is so fucking weird

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look at his fucking hair, though. just for a moment. he’s stranded on a goddamn island yet he keeps his hair perfectly swept-back. you can’t convince me that there’s not some sort of hair gel in there. where the FUCK do you get hair gel on an island? god damn it Jack

they look so fucking chill after piggy was brutally murdered


i identify with this picture of piggy on a spiritual level

Simon's Tweets
Chapter 1: yeah i just fainted but i'll totally join your expedition ralph yeah you're cool i like you
Chapter 2: hey just a reminder i exist
Chapter 2: stop being mean to piggy you guys hes not that bad
Chapter 3: im trying to be rational but you douchebags wont shut up about fire and pigs seriously who gives two shits about fire and pigs im gonna go to my secret fort now fuck you guys
Chapter 4: ralph ralph ralph ralph ralph omg wait ralph there was a ship GOD DAMN IT JACK YOU FUCKED IT UP
Chapter 4: here are your glasses piggy see im so nice
Chapter 5: we are the beast dont you see I AM THE PROPHET I AM ALL-KNOWING STFU AND LISTEN especially you ralph you need to keep those bitches in line
Chapter 6: you are all so dumb believing in that "beast" BS oh hey tree didnt see you there
Chapter 7: you'll get back all right ralph i promise because i know everything #asusual #somisunderstood
Chapter 7: oh piggy guess who's coming back to save your ass again #me #thatsright
Chapter 8: wow all of you are officially batshit insane #notme #iamperfectlysane #totallymentallystable
Chapter 8: talking to a decapitated pig #yolo
Chapter 9: omg it wasn't a beast it was a rotting corpse #IAMRIGHTAGAIN #GETYOURASSESINLINEANDLISTENTOME
Chapter 9: they're totally going to thank me when i tell them about the dead guy
Chapter 9: oh fuck

so LOTF tweets are a thing…

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i’m trying to decide whether or not this should be an rp blog

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